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Capital 19 US Equity Large Cap Growth

The Capital 19 US Equity Large Cap Growth Portfolio invests in a portfolio of 10 large cap US listed equities overlayed with a market timing approach. Once an equity enters the portfolio, a capital management system of using a trailing 10% stop loss is applied.

The portfolio can range from 100% invested to 100% cash depending on market movements.

Investment Objective

To achieve long term capital growth, exceeding that of the Australian stock market.

Investment Strategy

A market timing approach is used to decide favourable times to acquire new positions. The portfolio aims to hold a total of 10 different equities.

Each equity is selected by first applying a filter to the US equity universe to limit potential candidates to only those being recommending by well-known investment newsletters such as Motley Fool and Investors Business Daily.

Passing companies are then selected using a quantitative fundamental basis using proprietary techniques. Key factors for selection include strong price appreciation potential, growing earnings and upward price momentum.

Benefits of Investing in the Capital 19 Large Cap Growth Portfolio

Global diversification Access to growth sectors and industries not available in Australia Historical returns exceeding that of the Australian share market.


Investment Minimums

A minimum of $10,000 is required to open an account with Capital 19.

How it works

If you are interested in this portfolio, speak with your Capital 19 advisor who will ensure you receive all updates. Updates are sent out by email. If you wish to take action on any update, you can either do so yourself using the online trading platform, or have your Capital 19 advisor do so for you.

Shares are individually held in each client account


Standard execution fees apply. There are no other additional fees charged for the service. It is complimentary to all clients of Capital 19.


There are a number of risks that apply to this strategy.

Market Risk

We consider the strategy as high risk and you should only use funds you can afford to lose. Stock prices can go down as well as up

Liquidity Risk

Liquidity risk refers to the risk there will not be enough buyers and sellers available to execute your desired trade.

Counterparty Risk

Counterparty risk refers to the risk of not receiving funds from your trading counterparty. This strategy only trades exchange stocks and ETFs so the exchange guarantees the counterparty risk.

FX Risk

We are trading an instrument denominated in US Dollars. The value of this asset will change in Australian Dollar terms due to changes in the AUD.USD exchange rate. You can elect to hedge this currency risk if you desire. Please speak to your Capital 19 adviser about this.

Hypothetical Performance

The performance shown is hypothetical only. It does not represent actual investment results. Performance is simulated only and has certain limitations. Since the trades have not been actually executed the results might have under compensated for the effects of market spreads and possible lack of liquidity. We have assumed an execution cost of $15 but it is possible execution costs could be higher which would detract from performance. The results shown are before any effect of FX on the value of the portfolio and it also does not include the possible effect of dividends. Historical performance is only an indication and cannot be relied upon for future performance. Capital 19 makes no guarantee any account will experience similar results